Phantom cameras

Phantom v641 and v640 cameras are currently used for laser-induced flouresence (LIF) and white-light imaging as well as for particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements.


The v641, our most advanced Phantom camera, is capable of taking full resolution 2560x1600-pixel images at 1,450 frames per second (FPS) with a maximum speed of 219,000 FPS at reduced resolution.


The lab has previously used v9- and v4-series Phantom cameras.

Cordin 550 ultra high speed camera

The Cordin camera is a custom-built ultra-high-speed camera. It uses a spinning mirror and 24 individual CCD sensors to record images. The camera can achieve frame rates up to 1.5 million FPS at a fixed image resolution of 1000x1000 pixels. It can only record 24 images at a time.

Underwater blast sensors

These sensors record dynamic pressures. The sensing element is a tourmaline crystal encased in silicone. The frequency of the sensors that is normally used is 2 MHz, but the senors can use a frequency of up to 3Mhz.

Mega Plus PIV camera

The Mega Plus ES2020 camera isused for shadowgraphs. It features a 1600x1200-pixel resolution and a 7.4 Ám² pixel size.

WG-50 capacitance wave height guage

The WG-50 is used to measure wave heights to an accuracy of 0.4%. This capacitance wave meter has a linear response and the probe is 10 cm, perfect for use in wave tanks and flumes.

7W Coherent continuous argon-ion laser

This laser is used to create a thin laser light sheet through a cylindrical lens in the towing tank. The intersection of the light sheet and water surface is captured using Phantom high-speed cameras for LIF imaging.

DM Series High Pulse Energy Laser

The DM50-527

Scheimpflug Mounts

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