Implosion Tank

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ASME Stamped Pressure Vessel

Rated 600 psi

Inner Raduis 3 ft (nearly spherical)

Wall thickness 1.25 in (Carbon Steel)

Number of windows 5 (4 in thick)

Dry weight 9850 lbs

10 rings welded inside for mounting probes and models

Experiments include underwater explosion and implosion

Light bulbs are used to explore physics of the implosion process for gas-filled shell structures in a high-pressure water environment.


Brass cylinders are also tested in the implosion tank.

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Procedures for underwater implosion experiments

The tank is filled until only 5 liters of air space remains at the top. Then the tank is sealed and slowly pressurized with Nitrogen gas until the model implodes.


The implosions are photographed with high-speed cameras.

Gas and water-bound pressure waves are measured.

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