Towing Tank


Housing the Ship Boundary Layer and Carriage

The 60 HP hydraulic power unit which powers the SBL and carriage experiments

Computer controller for the SBL and carriage

1. Ship boundary layer

The SBL sitting inside of the towing tank

The Ship Boundary Layer Simulator (SBL) consists of two vertical rollers, each powered by two hydraulic motors, which drive a meter-wide stainless steel belt in a loop. The belt can start impulsively from rest and accelerate at up to 3 g while reaching top speeds of up to 15 m/s. This device is used to study turbulent boundary layer development and couette flow in the presence of a free surface.

The SBL in action

CAD drawing from before construction of the SBL

2. Carriage

The carriage consists of two moving parts: the "vertical carriage" and the "horizontal carriage." The horizontal carriage rests on a 45 ft-long track that runs the length of the tank. The horizontal carriage is attached to the vertical carriage and can move up and down to simulate a ship's hull hitting a wave.

Carriage with a rigid plate attached

Carriage at 3.0 m/s

Alternate view

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